Portsmouth Town, Colewart Barracks

In the narrow streets that form the old town of Portsmouth, are the Colewort Barracks. At the back of the barracks, in 1839, the church of St. Mary was built. Colewort Barracks is where my great-grandmother, Maud Mary Mattock was born on 5 Feb 1870 according to her birth certificate.

Maud Mary Mattock Birth 1870

From birth certificate

Her father, Crimean war veteran Henry Mattock was stationed here as a gunner in the Royal Artillery.  Maud was baptised in the garrison chapel on 3 Apr 1870, the second of seven children – four girls and three boys.

Colewort_BarracksColewort Barracks

Maud would spend a lot of her life in Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire. Being married in the register office there on 24 Dec 1890 to Thomas Pendrey. She died 28 Apr 1961 at South Pembrokeshire Hospital, her estate going to Thomas George Pendrey, her oldest surviving son, a shipwright.


Having married a soldier, Mary did move around a little though. In 1895 she had twins baptised in Bodmin, Cornwall, the depot of her husband’s regiment – The Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry – sadly they both died within a year at Newry, Ireland. Her fourth child was born in Newport, Monmouthshire and the last four, for a total of eight, again at Bodmin in Cornwall.

The Funeral


Maud Mary Mattock

Maud Mary Mattock in 1940

One of Pembroke Dock’s oldest residents, Mrs. Maud Mary Pendrey, passed away at her home, 10 North Street, Bufferland, on Friday in her 92nd year. She was a member of an old military family, her father having served in the Boer War. She was born in an Army garrison at the Isle of Wight and came to Pembroke Dock as a child when her father was appointed barrack warden at the Defensible Barracks. For some years before moving to Bufferland, the family lived in the Old Back Cottages, which subsequently became Park Street. She was a faithful member of St. Patrick’s Church, Pennar, but had few other interests apart from the church and her home and family. Her husband, Mr. Thomas Pendrey, a retired dockyard machinist, died in 1947 and she had not enjoyed good health since 1951. She was very well-known to the town’s older generation and was a popular figure in Bufferland. The last of a family of six, Mrs. Pendrey is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Catherine Crowe, Market Street, and Mrs. Violet Yeomans, Cardiff, one son, Mr. T. G. Pendrey, Portsmouth, and a grandson whom she raised, Mr. Leslie Williams, Cross Park, Pennar, to all of whom sympathy is extended.

Ernest Leslie Williams

Ernest Leslie Williams 1940

The funeral, which was largely attended, took place on Tuesday afternoon when services at the house, St. Patrick’s Church and at the graveside, were conducted by Rev. Russan Thomas, curate of Pembroke Dock.

At the church, the hymns “Blessed are the Pure in Heart” and “The Strife is O’er” were sung with Mrs. E. Lomas at the organ.

Messers. W. Deveson, J. Rees, M. Jenkins and J. Bazeley acted as bearers.

The chief mourners were: Mr. G. Pendrey, Mrs. K. Crowe, Portsmouth and Mrs. N Yeomans, Cardiff. (son and daughters): Mr. T. Yeomans. (son-in-law); Mr. and Mrs. L. Williams (grandchildren): Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Philpin, Mr. C. Philpin, Mr. A. Rees, Mrs. L. Howells, Mrs. L. Williams (nephews and nieces): Mrs. E. Mattock (sister-in-law): Mr. and Mrs. Kaye (grandchildren): Mr. L. Rowlands, Meyrick Street and Mr. Noot, Military Road.

Beautiful floral tributes were received from:

In memory of dear Mam, her loving daughter Kitty; At Rest; her loving daughter, Clarice and George, Portsmouth; her loving daughter Vi and Tim, Cardiff; in loving memory of dear mam and Nannie, Leslie, Winnie and Graham; Roy and Myrna and children; in loving memory of dear Gran, Violet, Ellen and Anne. In loving memory: Mary, Allen and Marion; Harry and Rosie; Eileen and Allen; Ella, Sister-in-law and Doris and Leslie and family; Edie; Beatie, Charlie and family; Frank, Violet and family, Swansea. Harry, Rosie, Charlie, Marjorie and Leslie.

With deepest sympathy and in affectionate remembrance, Dolly and Jack, 11 Brewery Street; Mr. W. T. Rowlands and family, 53 Queen Street; Mrs. Jones, Tenby.

Vicar and members of St. Patrick’s Church; Mrs. Dowell, Portsmouth; Mr. and Mrs. Warlow, 33 Brewery Street; Mrs. Pearce and Mrs. Hughes, Market Street; Pat, Derek and family, 9 North Street; Ernie, Billy, Norman and Margaret Crowe; Mrs. Allen and family, 6 Llanion; Mr. J. Rossiter, Queen Street; Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins and family, 5 Hill Street; from all at 8 North Street; Bill, Kit and Ken Devison; Floss and Bob Watson.

The funeral arrangements were directed by Mr. Basil Davies, Queen Square, Pembroke Dock.

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