Double Funeral at Dover

Dover Express 01 March 1940

Frank George Pickett married Sophia Rosina Bridger, my 2nd cousin 4x removed, on 29 May 1882. They died two days apart in 1940.


The funerals took place on Saturday at Charlton Cemetery of husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Pickett, of 9, Tower Hamlets St. Mr. Frank Pickett died on Feburary 20th, in his 80th year, and Mrs. Sophia Rosina Pickett passed away on February 22nd, at the age of 75 years.

Mr. Pickett was 30 years at the G.P.O. at Dover.

The first part of the service was held in St. Bartholomew’s Church, the coffins being placed side by side while the service was being conducted by the Rev. J. Embry, the Rev. R. O. Masheder officating at the graveside.

The mourners present were Mrs. R. Oliffe (daughter), Mr. Frank Pickett (son), Mrs. G. Bonner, Mrs. W. Rose and Mrs. E. Friend (daughters), Mr. Charles Pickett (son), Mr. G. Bonner and Mr. H. Rose (grandsons), Mrs. Warren, Miss L. Hurst and Miss S. Friend (granddaughters), Mrs. C. Pickett (daughter-in-law), Mrs. G. Bonner (grand-daughter), Mrs. F. Axson (niece), and Mr. E. Weston (friend). Mrs. J. Hurst (daughter), was unable to attend owing to illness.

Also present at the church and graveside were Alderman F. Morecroft, Councillor W. Jeffery, Mr. G. Golding, J.P., Mr. W. H. Jury, Mr. Buckley (representing Head Postmaster and staff), Mr. Niblett, Mr. H. R. Battersby, Mr. F. J. Seath, Mr. F. G. Nowers, Mr. Walker, Mr. Gaylard and numerous other friends.

Floral tributes were: —Frank, Rhoda and family (Reading); Rose, George and family (Gillingham); Jessie, Gladys and Will; Charlie, Annie and babies; Ethel, Reg and Sophia; George and Beattie; Lily. Jack and Lily; Birdie and Vera (Wellingborough); Stella. Frank, Pat and Fred; Ernie; Harry and Audrey; Mr. and Mrs. Gorr and John; Mr. and Mrs. Johnson: Mr. and Mrs. Battersby; Mr. and Mrs. Bradley and family; Mr. and Mrs. Worsley and Bob; Mr. and Mrs. Fellows and family; Mr. and Mrs. Worsley, jun. and little June; Mr. and the Misses Cousens; Mr. and Mrs. Howard and family; Mr. and Mrs. Pascall: Mr. and Mrs. Pittock and family: Mr. and Mrs. Flood; Directors and Staff, Stevens Scrvice, Ltd.; Mrs. Gaskill and family; Mr. and Mrs. Davis; Mr. and Mrs. King and family; Mr. and Mrs. Wing and family; Mr. and Mrs. Imrie, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott: Mr. and Mrs. H. Waller and family (East Langdon); Mr. and Mrs. E. Waller and family (Church Langdon); Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Farrier and family; Mr. and Mrs. Friend and family: Mr. and Mrs. F. Kirkwood and family; Mr. and Mrs. Penn, Joan and family; Mr. and Mrs. G. Goldsack and family; Mr. and Mrs. S. Friend and family; Norah and Jack (Folkestone); Mr. and Mrs. P. Harman and family (Folkestone); Head Postmaster and staff, Dover Post Office; Chairman and members, St. Bartholomew’s Ward Conservative Association; Mrs. Stamp. Mrs Post and Mrs. Wakerall; Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Maxwell and Mrs. English; friends of Tower Hill.

Two sprays were lowered with the coffins from Baby Charlie and Margaret. The funeral arrangements were Messrs. Venner and Son, 39. High St.

Descendant Chart for Frank George Pickett

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