In the late 1980’s my father, Wilfred George Young, and I started researching our family tree. In those days, it was all done by international mail, hiring researchers and visiting archives. We put notices in the Genealogical Research Directory, wrote to extended family and joined local history societies. Things went slowly. Now, with the many internet resources available, much more can be achieved in a shorter time. More census records have been released, and we have the 1939 Register and access to digital copies of newspapers. Ireland has done a great job of making documents available. DNA matches us up to new-found cousins. And more is to come.
I find myself at a point where I have a tree of 11,561 relatives and over 23,324 images in over 13GB as of 16 Dec 2020.

This is a family tree that has people from Ireland, England, Scotland (16 areas from Aberdeenshire to West Lothian), Wales (16 areas but mostly Pembrokeshire), the Channel Islands, Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, South and Western Australia), New Zealand (Auckland, Canterbury, Southland and Wellington), Canada (10 provinces, but mostly Ontario and British Columbia) and the United States (21 States from Arizona to Wisconsin).

In Ireland (my maternal side), we have Crowe, Rodgers/Rogers, Stringer, Maguire, Robinson, Weir, McShane, Dawson, Jermyn, Lonsdale, Finlay and Magee surnames. The Crowe family moved from Dromore, Tyrone to Clones, Monaghan and then to Belfast.

Map of Ireland

Although for the most part, the family occurs in Southern England – Somerset and Kent being the most common counties of origin, while touching over 40 counties from Bedfordshire to Yorkshire.

Southern England

My great-nephew, Mateo, wanted to see what I had amassed, and I tried various ways to share the information with him. It was too much to print on paper, he doesn’t have an Ancestry account, and it wouldn’t fit on a DVD (although I can now back it up on a dual-layer Blu-ray disc or BD-R, of archival quality too) – what to do?
So here we are using WordPress to accomplish that goal. Picking a url with my father’s name, planning to do frequent posts with text and photos, adding some static pages and whatever else I can think of as I gain experience with the platform – I am ready to share the information with Mateo and all my other relatives out there in the cloud.

I hope you find the blog interesting, perhaps find a relative of your own mentioned and that you will share your knowledge and photos if you can contribute to what would then be a relationship between us. Guest authors (you perhaps?) would be welcome; I would ask that the article be about someone related to you and me. Note that a post will not necessarily contain all the information I have on a person – so if you find someone of interest, ask me if I have any further notes.

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View the tree on Ancestry here.

I have also completed the Ancestry DNA test. If you are interested:

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 11.18.01 AM

Norway must be from the Vikings that invaded Kent, the Irish from my Mother and of course Southern England from the Kent and Somerset ancestors. I have been able to verify trees to 148 DNA matches so far.

Where in the world I have DNA matches identified on Ancestry. 



Mike Young

16 Dec 2020

Photo of Mike Young around 1956
Mike Young circa 1956 @ 1 Auckland Crescent – Dover, Kent