Back in the late 1980’s my father, Wilfred Young, and I started researching our family tree. In those days it was all done by international mail and visiting archives. Things went slowly. Now, with the internet resources available, much more can be achieved in a shorter time.

I find myself at a point where I have a tree of over 6,000 relatives and 8,000 images. This in a family tree that has people in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Although for the most part the family occurs in Southern England – Somerset and Kent being the most common counties of origin.

Southern England

My great-nephew, Mateo, wanted to see what I had amassed and I tried various ways to share the information with him. It was too much to print on paper, he doesn’t have an Ancestry account and it wouldn’t fit on a DVD – what to do?

So here we are using WordPress to accomplish that goal. Picking a url with my father’s name, planning to do a daily post with text and photos, adding some static pages and whatever else I can think of as I gain experience with the platform – I am ready to share the information with Mateo and all my other relatives out there in the cloud. And yes, there will be some days I won’t be able to post – but my hope is to post about a person on the day when a life event – BMD – or otherwise occurred.

I hope you find the blog interesting, perhaps find a relative of your own mentioned and that you will share your knowledge and photos if you can contribute to what would then be a relationship between us. Guest authors (you perhaps?) would be welcome, I would just ask that the article be about someone related to me as well as you. Note that a post will not necessarily contain all the information I have on a person – so if you find someone of interest, ask me if I have any further notes.

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The tree is also on where my username is mikesyoung80.

I have also completed the Ancestry DNA test. If you are interested:





Mike Young

26 Jan 2018

Photo of Mike Young around 1956
Mike Young circa 1956 @ 1 Auckland Crescent – Dover, Kent